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Profit Booking - Partial SELL Recommendation

Market Update:

The major indices are all slightly higher today as stocks have been drifting sideways following a bullish open on Wall Street. The Nasdaq and semiconductors, in particular, have been showing relative strength in early trading, and the tech benchmark managed a marginal new all-time high, despite starting the week on a bearish note.

All eyes will be on Joe Biden this afternoon, as the President-elect is scheduled to unveil his COVID relief plan which could trigger a surge in activity after market and tomorrow?


With our portfolio generating massive profits for all members and our last 2 picks soaring high in just few days, we are locking some gains today. Today, we are doing a partial sale. We have opened 3 positions in this stock and are closing just 1 of them. In other words, we are closing 33% stake in this stock today.

While we expect the stock to continue to outperform in the long run, at its current level, we see a good exit point to lock some gains. The company may struggle to prevent an earnings decline in next few quarters, while we expect them to continue growing their revenue. On our portfolio, we book a 40% profit. Congratulations!

Selling Guidelines:

  • If you wish to continue owning this stock, you may choose to depending on your overall portfolio distribution

  • You may even consider doing a partial sale.

  • If you do not own this stock, no action is required at this time.

Sell Pick No: 215

If you liked/owned this pick and/or plan to close your position, please press the Like (Heart) Button below the post.

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