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This site has been developed out of our passion in the stock market and the willingness to share it with others. The recommendations are based on techniques, information and sources believed to be reliable in the past and cannot guarantee future accuracy and results.The site may suggest different stocks and techniques each with its own varying degrees of risk. Please make sure you fully understand the underlying concepts and have determined that it is in your best interest before taking action based on any material published.The site does not render any personalized investment advice. We don't (and can't) know your financial situation, risk tolerances, or investing objectives. Accordingly, you agree that the site and the content provided thereby do not constitute a recommendation that a particular security, strategy, or action taken is suitable for you or any specific person for that matter.You further agree that you bear responsibility for your own investment decisions. We will not be liable for any investment decision you make, or action you take based upon reliance of any information you read here.You agree that you will assume the entire risk as to the quality and the performance of the recommendations and the accuracy and completeness of the content on the site.

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