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Mohit Kumar

CEO & Founder of StockBuzzNow.


My journey with stock investing started back in 2006. Being ardently passionate about it, I developed enough expertise to be able to build a strong portfolio for myself and started assisting my friends with their stock investments. 


This led me to start StockBuzzNow in 2009 as a casual hobby with just 5 members, and little did I know that the passion, energy, and hard work I put into it coupled with the outstanding performance of my stock and options picks would lead it to become an investing family of over 1000+ members and growing.


I derive great pleasure in helping people develop the right approach to investing, generate consistent returns, and get the inexperienced investors started on a positive note. I also enjoy the opportunity to interact with and learn from my experienced members.


My Best 7 Picks:

  • TSLA +10,000%

  • NFLX +4500%

  • AAPL +4000%

  • AMZN +2500%

  • SHOP +2500%

  • ADBE +1800%

  • RST +1600%     

My Worst 7 Picks:

  • BLUE -70%

  • WB -69%

  • TRIP -68%

  • DDD -65%

  • UAA -55%

  • TRIP -52%

  • FEYE -49%

My favorite Options Strategies:

  • Synthetic Long

  • Bull Call Spread

  • Iron Condor

  • Writing Covered Calls

  • Writing Puts



























Techniques used:

  • Our first and foremost approach is to delve into the fundamentals of the company.

  • This would include a detailed examination of things like the financial health, valuation, past performance, risks, management, earnings and potential for growth.

  • The picks would cover multiple sectors like technology, healthcare, retail, energy, basic materials, consumer discretionary, financial, real estate, REITs to name a few.

  • Once a stock passes our litmus test on Fundamentals, it will fall into our watch list where we would regularly follow the shortlisted stocks.

  • We would then use some technical analysis to determine the few best entry points for each shortlisted stock in the watch list.

  • As soon as those entry points are hit, the stock(s) would make it into our Stock Picks list and you will receive an email notification.

  • We also closely follow stocks and the market for any opportunity of momentum and short term trades by analyzing several technical trends and patterns.

For additional details,

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me at

Thanks to all my members for their support.


Keep Buzzing!

ABOUT Mohir Kumar CEO& Founder of StockBuzzNow


Mohit Kumar -  Founder of  StockBuzzNow
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