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Profit Booking - Partial SELL Recommendation

Market Update:

The major indices are all trading higher at midday following a choppy but active morning session on Wall Street. The Nasdaq has been showing relative strength for the third day in a row thanks to the continued drop in short-dated Treasury yields, and the cyclical issues are still lagging behind the broader market. Small-caps finally enjoyed tailwinds in early trading and the Volatility Index (VIX,) also dropped sharply, hinting at a bullish shift in investor sentiment following yesterday's mixed session.


With our portfolio showing a sharp recovery and generating massive profits, we are ready to lock some more gains. Today, we are doing another partial sale. We have opened 3 positions in this stock, already closed 1 of the positions and are closing the 2nd one today. In other words, we are closing another 33% stake in this stock today and closing a 66% stake in total.

While we still expect the stock to continue to provide more upside, we want to secure more profits prior to the earnings later today. On our portfolio, we book a massive 118% profit.


Selling Guidelines:

  • If you wish to continue owning this stock, you may choose to depending on your overall portfolio distribution

  • You may even consider doing a partial sale.

  • If you do not own this stock, no action is required at this time.

Sell Pick No: 202

If you liked/owned this pick and/or plan to close your position, please press the Like (Heart) Button below the post.

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