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TSLA Guidance - Up 5000%!

Many members have contacted me for guidance on how we should act after earning a massive 5000% profit on our original TSLA recommendation in 2012 for just $32 ($6.5 after the split)!

First, heartiest Congratulations to all my members who invested in TSLA upon my original recommendation and have been holding it for 8 years for what is now a life changing profit for some of us! It took the top analysts to come to the party after 7 years from the time we picked this prolific business?

2 members have reported a profit of over $500,000! 4 members have reported a profit of around $300,000

Way to go!!

If you want to share your returns with me, send me a note.


TSLA remains a high potential, high growth opportunity and we believe it can still generate magnitudes of returns for patient investors. Strictly on valuation, TSLA has clearly gone ahead of itself. But the massive potential and distinct advantage it carries over the rest, still keeps us excited about this business. Some of the key factors that could drive growth over the next 5 years are:

  • Rapid rise in demand for Tesla cars and increase in market share

  •  Penetrating the hot SUV segment in US with Model Y

  •  Rapid expansion in international markets

  •  Autonomous driving software will spur increase in Software Margins

  • Self Driving ride sharing "Tesla Network"

  •  Ability to expand automobile business by consistently raising the bar for higher production levels

  • Rapid expansion of charging stations, that is a unique advantage for it and could potentially be monetized

  • Possible introduction of another Mass Consumption car in future which could be even cheaper than Model 3 and completely wipe out its competition.

  • Clear widening of gap from all competitors

  • Potential growth in the Solar Roof/Energy Segment (analysts usually view TSLA as an automaker only, and discount this segment which could also spur growth for it)

Hence, I am not making an official SELL recommendation as yet, and we continue to HOLD the positions for now. That being said, we can expect substantial volatility in either direction in the short term. So, you would not be making a mistake in locking a part of your investment in TSLA, especially if you have returns in the range of 2000% -  5000%!

If you need more specific guidance for your individual positions, you may reach out to me directly.


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