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Peace of mind!

The journey of investing is rarely a linear road with goodies along the way! There would be ups and downs, some of which can be predictable and others just out of our control. Could we see the Tsunami in Japan coming or can we control how long Steve Jobs would live?

It is exactly for this reason, that we believe in an investing approach where we make decisions on the core strength of businesses, ignoring the events we cannot control. We invest in companies, which more often than not, do not require us to react on events in short term! They are companies which we trust will come out strong in years to come even if they encounter short term bumps along the way! It is this approach which gives us the peace of mind and market crushing returns!

Last week, the market declined considerably as declines in heavy weight energy and tech stocks acted as a drag. As always, we will not let that scare us! On the contrary, we will look for great opportunities to invest,  if the market continues to decline!

Stay tuned, as we are likely to add a new position next week!

We will be opening the registration for Q1/Q2 soon, so keep an eye on your inbox!


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