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Our 4 time killer pick, continues to hammer the bears and skeptics! They have been trying hard over last few weeks to drag the stock down, but got bitten in the end. The stellar company continued its stellar dominance with yet another outstanding quarter! It handsomely beat the analyst estimated in Revenue and EPS. It must be noted that it missed the estimates on iPad sales (11.8 million vs the expected 13 million) and MAC (4 million vs expected 4.4 million). However, this miss was well overshadowed by the staggering iPhone sales of about 35 million vs the expected figure of 30 million!

Quite a few members got nervous pre-earnings seeing the giant take a steep hit over the last couple of days, seeking suggestions to SELL or HOLD. Those who persisted with the suggestion to continue holding and not worry about short term trends can celebrate asAAPL bounced back $50 up today!! Congratulations!

We continue to persist with our long term belief in AAPL's strength and merrily hold the 4 positions!

Stay tuned for an update on NFLX...


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