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WPRT on Fire, surges 22%!

Amidst all the mess surrounding the Euro zone crisis and a pessimistic market, our little darling WPRT got some love, flying up 22% today!

WPRTreported news that it signed agreements with Caterpillar Inc. to co-develop natural gas technology for off-road equipment, including mining trucks and locomotives. The specifics of the deal were not shared, but the key indicator is that natural gas is indeed getting traction, as a viable fuel for transportation! Although the transition is likely to be slow in nature, such transitions are expensive and time consuming. Hence, once done, it will serve as a long lasting source of revenue. Adoption by Volvo and Waste Management, are other long term catalysts for WPRT!

Although, the ride with WPRT will be highly volatile and solid growth may take a few years, we are ready to take some risk and remain bullish on our high flying pick, for the long run!

Stay tuned, as we will continue adding more under-valued stocks in our portfolio to take advantage of the "fear" in the market!


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