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TSLA 6800% Profit - HOLD or SELL?

Our big guns have absolutely crushed the market and taken our portfolio returns over the moon! Each of our picks below have been recommended several times, which has resulted in our 215 stocks portfolio doing 5X times better than S&P! An average Stock Buzz Now member who has persisted alongside me for the last 5 years has earned 12X times S&P! TSLA - 6800% - Strong Competitive edge and could a potential "million mile" battery open new avenues of growth? NFLX - 4500% - Goto streaming option that is likely to retain subscribers post pandemic and could even consider a price increase? AAPL - 4000% - A new line of 5G iPhones aligned with significant pending iPhone upgrades, could spur further growth? SHOP - 2500% - The smart e-commerce platform is likely to continue to exploit the penetration of online retail sales to its advantage? While all 4 stocks seem overvalued and may see dips in coming months, we believe that each of them continue to have a unique edge on its competition and possess further opportunities of growth that set them for even new highs over the next 5 years. We will keep a close eye on each of them and may strategically lock some gains. However, as of now we maintain a HOLD on all 4 of them! Members sitting on profits exceeding the million dollar mark between these 4 stocks are expected to feel jittery, and may reach out to me for specific guidance on how we could lock some profits and yet leave room for further expansion.

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TSLA 6800% Profit - HOLD or SELL?
TSLA 6800% Profit - HOLD or SELL?

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