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Special Update - VLCM Acquisition


Breaking News!

At least 5 members emailed me today to congratulate and share the excitement over yet another big success for us! (and the excitement among the members is very much understandable as it was a reward for being patient!)

PPR has agreed to buy our High risk, small cap pick Volcom Inc. (VLCM) for around $608 million! It will pay $24.50 a share in cash! PPR is paying a hefty premium, which is almost a 14 times earnings excluding interest and depreciation for our skate and snowboarding specialist!

This is another great moment for our entire "Stock Buzz Now" community as it reaffirms the strength of our research and how picking quality stocks can bear fruits in the long run!! Congratulations!

My Take

The journey with VLCM has been volatile for us with ups and downs. We can be very happy to finish on a big winning side at the end! I believe that VLCM was capable of achieving more growth than the price it is being bought for, but that would take lot more time. So lets just take what we are getting and celebrate!

Next Step?

We are likely to close this position soon. Stay tuned!


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