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Slack Acquisition - SELL Recommendation

Market Update:

The major indices are trading higher with the Nasdaq, the S&P 500, and the Dow all hitting new all-time highs this morning. The tech sector has been slightly weaker, but small-caps is having a stronger session amid hopes that a stimulus agreement is just around the corner. The number of new COVID cases hit a new all-time high in the U.S. despite the positive trends of the past few days, and with the pressure on the healthcare system still increasing an agreement may be critical.

Profit Booking - SELL Recommendation (WORK)
Profit Booking - SELL Recommendation (WORK)

Salesforce Acquires Slack (WORK) (CRM) announced plans to acquire Slack Technologies in a deal valued at $27.7 billion on 12/1/2020. This move enables the creation of a more comprehensive platform for enterprises under one shed. It enables Salesforce to become a much more powerful force and take on Microsoft head on. Integration with Slack's technology will make Customer 360 more collaborative, mobile, and productive irrespective of location. In the long term, this deal could prove fruitful for Salesforce! As a WORK shareholder, we can be happy about a quick bounce in the share price that we can capitalize on, book our profits and move the cash to our other market crushing picks. Congratulations on yet another win!

What to do with WORK shares?

There are 2 options on the table, both of which make sense for our members:

  1. Continue holding WORK shares, and let them roll into CRM shares. Slack investors will receive $26.79 in cash and $19.074 in CRM's share, which totals approximately $45.8.

  2. Sell WORK shares and cash out at around $43.

We proceed with Option 2 on our website and secure a solid profit of 66%!

Selling Guidelines:

  • If you wish to continue owning this stock, you may choose to depending on your overall portfolio distribution

  • You may even consider doing a partial sale.

  • If you do not own this stock, no action is required at this time.

Sell Pick No: 196

If you liked/owned this pick and/or plan to close your position, please press the Like (Heart) Button below the post. Keep Buzzing!

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