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NEW Logo, Same Mission!

I am excited to launch our new logo which better represents our approach and mission as we strive to sustain our dominance over the market even in these tough times, currently 221.60% relative to S&P!!

  • the simple image implies we like keeping things crisp, clear and simple!

  • the 7 bars imply, we believe in investing long-term in fundamentally solid businesses and not worry about intermittent fluctuations!

  • the steadily rising bars indicate our strategy of growing our profits steadily as time goes by!

  • the shadows indicate, we reflect on our strategy/performance/market conditions periodically and make adjustments accordingly!

  • the upward arrow indicates our mission of staying ahead of the market and strive to go higher!

Lets stay charged and focussed, as some exciting opportunities are lined up for us to continue to belt the market! Thanks to the feedback from couple of our "Stock Buzz Now" family members who suggested we drive this change!


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