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Netflix Roars 24% up!

Netflix surged nearly 24% up in last 3 days!!

Reed announced that Netflix had streamed over 2 billion hours of content to over 20 million subscribers! According to an article, this figure is nearly 10 times what Hulu could manage. In addition, an analyst mentioned that Netflix could be an acquisition target. These events combined may have triggered the rise. In my opinion Netflix was an obvious acquisition target a few years back while it traded under 20's. Amazon may have missed a trick then?

The numbers indicate that Netflix is managing to improve the content and its investment in partnerships with content providers in a quest to provide new content to members is possibly heading in the right direction. This is something we surely wanted to see. What still remains to see though is, how many of the lost members has Netflix managed to recover and how the growth pattern is shaping?

We continue to be watchful and will look to take any action only after we get more concrete handle of where Netflix is heading. Netflix announces its Q4 earnings on 25th January!

Stay tuned for some Buy and Sell actions coming soon, as we look to kick start the new quarter!


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