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Market Summary:

The major indices are all up today following another positive start to the session on Wall Street. A group of lawmakers unveiled yet another stimulus proposal, with a total sum of $908 billion in the wake of last week’s failed talks, sparking optimism among investors that a deal could still be struck this year. According to an FDA report, Moderna’s vaccine candidate was proven effective by the authority meaning that the second serum could soon be approved and distributed amid the continued surge in the number of COVID cases in the U.S. Today, we are ready to make our next move.

StockBuzzNow Buy Recommendation
StockBuzzNow Buy Recommendation

Stock Pick Summary:

With our portfolio crushing the market with all our recent picks generating substantial returns already, we continue to take more risks. Today, we make a dent in the property and casualty insurance segment to further diversify our portfolio. The company continues to show signs of consistent growth in US and Europe with a revenue growth of over 80% last year. While the earnings may continue to decline for next few years, we still expect them to be able to grow their reven

ue by about 30% annually. The stock will remain volatile, with a high risk, but we still gladly welcome it in our high performing portfolio today!

Risk Meter:

Allocation Guidelines:

  • We don't recommend over investing in any stock. Consider starting with a small amount, say 2-3% of your portfolio's overall value, and add a little at a time.

  • You could invest as low as $200-$500 on a pick, and even buy just 1 or 2 shares, if you are new to investing, low on cash or just prefer going slow.

  • For best results, have an intention to hold your position for at least 2 - 3 years in general. However, you can always lock profits sooner if you prefer as every investor has a unique portfolio and different goals.

  • Consider investing in our multiple stock picks (the more the better).

  • The most successful members look to mirror our portfolio as much as possible.

  • Besides the new stock pick, you may also consider diversifying amongst some of the earlier picks from our market crushing portfolio.

  • Be patient and don't allow daily market swings to unnerve you. Remember, we have a pristine track record over last 10 years, so Buzz with confidence and patience.

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