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Breaking News - Whole Foods Acquisition!

What a big and special moment it is for all of us today!!!

Our very first recommendation, and one of my most popular pick, "Whole Foods", WFM, is being bought over by Amazon (another top pick of ours), for a massive $13.7 billion or $42 per share!!

Our 2 timer WFM was first recommended on 2/4/2009 for just $5 and we stuck with it for over 8 years through ups and downs to be heavily rewarded today with a massive profit of nearly 745%. Many Congratulations!!!

3 members of our community reported locking in massive profits on WFM today ranging from $6000 to $109,000, after patiently sticking with my recommendation for 8 years! Hats off to all of you and other members who stood besides me on WFM! I am looking forward to hear more success stories on WFM from my members!

I am officially making a SELL RECOMMENDATION for both positions of WFM today! Time to celebrate and keep buzzing!


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