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AAPL Earnings Highlights!

After the market closed, our 3 timer killer pick Apple released earnings and, as has become a habit for the company, it crushed estimates!

Vs. Estimates:

Estimates --->       $5.38 in EPS (range of $4.93 to $6.02, 47 estimates) on $24.38 billion in revenue (range of $23 billion to $25.54 billion, 43 estimates).

Actual results ---> $6.43 in diluted EPS on $26.74 billion in revenue.

"Beats the high end of both ranges!! We love it!"

Vs Simplified Year to Year Stats:

iPads:     ---->  6.2 million  vs   7.33 million,+18.2%

iPhones  ---->  15.5 million vs  16.24 million+4.78%

iPods      ---->  19 million   vs  19.45 million,   +2.37%

Macs       ---->  4.2 million  vs    4.13 million,   -1.6%

We will not discuss about Steve Jobs health and will stay focused on this fundamentally solid business which has been very profitable for us! We love AAPL and expect bigger things to come in future!


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