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12% Profit in 2 Days - SELL Recommendation!

Market Update:

The major indices are all sporting modest gains following a busy morning of trading in stocks, with a slew of crucial economic releases causing turmoil around the opening bell. The CB consumer confidence number was today's most anticipated indicator, and as it beat expectations by a massive margin, the outlook for the key consumer sector continues to be bright. The tech sector and the Nasdaq staged a bounce in early trading following yesterday's selloff and, on a bullish note, cyclical stocks, and small-caps also gained ground which could be hinting at a more sustained rally attempt in the coming days.


Our portfolio continues to outperform the market significantly with our last 13 consecutive picks in profit already. Our technical analysis techniques projected a possible upswing in our Friday recommendation and we were bang on. The stock has surged 12% in 2 days and we are happily booking the profit today!! Congratulations!

Selling Guidelines:

  • If you wish to continue owning this stock, you may choose to depending on your overall portfolio distribution

  • You may even consider doing a partial sale.

  • If you do not own this stock, no action is required at this time.

Sell Pick No: 285

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