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Released: 22 January 1962 Director: G.S. Vijayan Starring: Rajnikanth, Anjali Devi, Devika, Thangavelu, Kavara Sambandham, R. Muthuraman. In the summer of 1961, a gang of robbers held up a bank in southern India. They were acting on the notion that security was lax: as a get-out-of-jail-free card, they substituted counterfeit bills for actual ones and demanded more than the bank's security guards could possibly have delivered. But when one of the gang members started waving a gun at the head of a bank employee who'd been slowed down by the new situation, they knew they were in trouble: the employee had just called the cops. In his first Tamil film, leading Tamil superstar Rajinikanth and his co-stars play the non-college-educated gang members attempting to pull off the perfect robbery. Their aim is to get away with a suitcase full of cash, and they've chosen a local bank to do it. That bank happens to be in a town that's home to India's biggest legal-drug manufacturer, and the proprietors of the plant have begun turning to the black market as it becomes more difficult to support legal distribution. However, the owners and the drug company executives have agreed to play along in order to avoid having their finances become a police matter, and to keep the trade alive, they've hired some of the local crooks to help them do it. The fact that the robbers are gang members with little training beyond the basics of using guns isn't a problem, since the film's writers have filled their gang with characters who are easy to use. R. Muthuraman plays one of the cops, Thangavelu is a senior criminal, and Kavara Sambandham is a local industrialist: his company is under pressure to deliver the goods to the drug manufacturer, and he's made the bank job a requirement in order to keep the factory running smoothly. In India, the leader of a robbery gang is always referred to as the "Mad Man." In this film, he's played by an uncredited Nageswara Rao, who has an easy charisma and an infectious attitude that makes the film's characters even more likeable. The Mad Man decides that their best bet is to start off the robbery with a fake cry for help, in order to see if the cops will arrive in time to catch them. They don




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HD Online Player (Kaante Movie Download In Hindi 720p ) gladzeba

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