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BRAND NEW Website Announcement!

On May 6th 2020, I committed myself to re-design and implement a brand new website from scratch for Stock Buzz Now! I have been diligently working on it since then to get it up and running and excited to share some details with you on India's Independence Day!



  • Provide a much better user experience to all my members

  • A sharp growth in membership due to our outstanding performance is now resulting in some scalability issues with my current website.

  • To prepare ourselves to take the service to the next level!

Design Focus?


  • Simple to Navigate

  • Scalable (can support large number of members)

  • Better Performance

  • Professional Look

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Seamless experience for members with "personal logins"!

  • No more Gmail only sign ups and Google Authentication

  • Avoid confusion and inconvenience with quarterly enrollment scheme

  • More robust and simple to use payment gateway

  • Instant access to Recommendations page upon payment

  • Super Fast AI powered Search functionality on Recommendations page

  • Sorting ability on Recommendation page

Content Focus?


  • New Blog based scheme with instant notification to all members!

  • Members could Like and Comment on posts, making it more interactive!

  • Replace Buy Rationales with more frequent Deep Dives and Analysis for various recommendations

  • More frequent stock recommendations (2 - 4)!



  • Design - 95% Completed

  • Development - 70% Completed

  • Testing - 40% Completed

  • Content Migration - 40% Completed

  • Member Migration - Not Started

Heads up?


I plan to temporarily assign a new domain to the current website, so I can port and test the "" domain with my new website. I want to ensure that the DNS lookup, NS integration and Spam filtering AV testing can be performed with the actual domain.

More Details to follow.....

Keep Buzzing!


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