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2016: Launching "Sell Short" Trades!

I am excited to finally launch the much awaited spicy enhancement to our service at  No Additional cost* (to existing members)!  Yes, we are taking stockbuzznow to the next level and challenging ourselves!! This will add more flair to our robust portfolio at expense of some more risk, but open avenues of profits in a different way! Short Selling! Although bullish from heart, we will intend to reverse bet on some overvalued stocks! In other words, this recommendation would imply that we expect and hope the stock to fall from its current price and we benefit when the stock falls and lose money if the stock rises!! Sounds fun?

  • We will possibly exit from this trade sooner than usual (in both profit and loss cases)

  • These trades are very risky when used by itself, but we will have an exit plan for each such recommendation

  • These trades will come with a new risk rating of "Massive, Be Careful" to remind us of the risk it comes with!

  • We may use this technique to hedge or protect some of our long term investments as well!

  • Yes, we will track these trades too, and maintain transparency

I expect this enhancement to add more thrill, education and variety to our service.

Feel free to send me any questions or simply share your excitement!


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