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The Market Jitters..

posted Jun 5, 2010, 6:55 PM by Mohit Kumar

The market continues to misbehave with Friday being yet another dismal day with Dow dropping more than 300 points! What is going to happen next? Will the market rise? Will it fall? Will it crash? blah blah....the real question is do we really care??

Folks, yes, the recent market pullback has impacted us as well, with few of our recent picks down as well, some even over 20%! However, there is one key factor which distinguishes our portfolio from that of others, which is our true strength...

  • "Our 
  • Strategies are based not on fickle chart movements, but on fundamental, business-based analysis"

It is this approach which gives us the leverage over others who pick penny stocks or bet on daily price movements. Our portfolio boasts of some of the best stocks in different sectors, the stocks which are best positioned to wither the storm or even worse and it is these stocks which could potentially be big winners in years to come! It is evident from our relative dominance over the market of over 200%! Hence, we will continue to invest in top businesses at regular intervals, not worrying about the intermittent "reddishness"! Remember, we are betting for long term success of these businesses which would give us the maximum profit without having to worry about daily price movements! So sit back, relax and enjoy the Buzz......

Stay tuned, as the market has created some tremendous buying opportunities and we will take advantage of it in the coming quarters!!

Keep Buzzing!