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Terrific Week!

posted Jan 25, 2012, 1:17 AM by Mohit Kumar
What a fabulous week it has been for us! Many of our top stocks hit new highs and then the few bruised stocks raced on a road to recovery!

And yes, our latest recommendation, barely 7 days old is already profitable in double digits!

We have 2 of our big guns, releasing their earnings next week: AAPL (Jan 24th) and NFLX (Jan 25th).

Expect price movements on both post earnings, and be prepared. While a miss from AAPL may not be as painful, a shabby report from NFLX could make it tumble sharply! Note, our strategy and belief in NFLX has played out well for us so far, as the company seems to be heading in the right direction. Nevertheless, investors might be expecting too much too soon. So if you are not prepared for a wild swing here, you could make a call. On the other hand, if NFLX was to impress this quarter, the uptrend could easily continue! For us, we are ready to wait and believe that NFLX deserves more time and continue to be patient, yet watchful!

Stay tuned, as I am seriously short-listing a stock or two for exiting and locking profits, as our portfolio continue to grow bigger and looks quite profit heavy at the moment!

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