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Stock Buzz Now: POT Update!

posted Jun 17, 2009, 10:36 PM by Mohit Kumar   [ updated Jun 17, 2009, 10:38 PM ]

The market has been seeing some sell off over the last few days as investors have become a bit cautious after the recent rally. Disappointing forecasts and rating cuts have been adding to the selling pressure. Our portfolio still looks solid and continues to perform ahead of the market.

Today, one of our heavy weights, POT took a beating as the stock took a deep decline of 11%. The giant announced heavy cuts in potash production, due to low demand of fertilizers. In addition, a German company K+S also warned of weak potash demand which weighed heavy on the stock. Shares of its peers, Mosaic Co. and Agrium Inc also took a beating as none of the fertilizer and potash players were spared!

In spite of the fall, we are still sitting with a 16% profit return on POT!! Those of you who prefer locking gains, may consider locking some gains in case the stock is to drop further.However, out portfolio is still happy to have POT as a part of it. We will not take any irrational step and refuse to join the selling spree yet! In fact, if it is to fall more, consider buying it!

Let us not worry about where the market is headed folks! We have been picking stocks of healthy businesses which will bounce back strong even if they are destined to take some beating in the short run! In fact, even if the market decides to panic again and do massive selling, we will just keep buying quality stocks at sale!! That would be our winning strategy and we will stick to it!

Keep Buzzing!