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SELL Recommendation!

posted Sep 18, 2012, 11:38 PM by Mohit Kumar
With the market continuing its bullish trend and our portfolio profits mounting higher, we continue to lock more profits, today a massive 147%! Congratulations!

Note, that this quarter we have had fewer BUY Recommendations than usual and more SELL Recommendations! This is the strength of our dynamic approach which changes with market conditions. We don't buy stocks just to meet the rules and in the process make poor investments! We will have more BUY Recommendations in coming weeks, when the market is more appropriate for buying. At the moment, we continue to relish massive profits from the investments we made before, and keep waiting for newer opportunities to invest.

Stay tuned, as enrollment for next quarter will open soon!

Sell:                                The equity is highlighted with yellow color in the portfolio
:                        Click the ticker on Recommendations Page

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