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OMTR Update!

posted Jun 10, 2009, 12:06 AM by Mohit Kumar
Omniture Inc. (OMTR)
While our portfolio continues to outperform the market, let us take a peek at our recent addition Omniture Inc. (OMTR). Just under 3 weeks from being added to our portfolio, OMTR has surged over 30%!! Great!!
So whats the deal?? Well, a few analysts suddenly woke up to reality! The stock they were rubbishing over last few months suddenly seems appealing to them and OMTR received multiple upgrades! Here are some points they called out:
  • Current valuations underestimate the core cash flow growth potential
  • OMTR is well-positioned to be one of the strongest growers in the group.
  • drives 25%+ cash flow growth
  • OMTR trades at a 20%+ discount to the software group avg.
  • Price target of $18
Folks, each of these statements were true even 3 months back! Yet again, we have learned how we may benefit by being ahead of the herd and adding fundamentally strong stocks which the market is ignoring. That said, being a volatile stock it is, we may see a pull-back. Many of you reported purchase of OMTR minutes after it was recommended. You may choose to cash out a portion of it or patiently wait for potentially higher returns. Despite of missing estimates last quarter, OMTR earned more than 150 new customers! This would push its growth going forward! Folks, those who missed out on the rally, do keep OMTR in your radar!

Coming Soon!!
I have been working meticulously over last few weeks to add more features to our Recommendations page! In particular, I have been working on being able to stream the current quotes of all the stocks in our portfolio on a single page and calculate real-time returns for each one of them with respect to the recommended price! This would drastically enhance our ability to monitor our portfolio! I would like to thank Buzz member Sushil for pointing me to some API's, which may speed up my development of this feature. I am really eager to get this done and hope to be feature complete in next few weeks!!!

Buzz your friends?
Some of the new members mailed me to check if they could pass the site to their friends! Of Course!!!! In fact, I would sincerely request each one of you to spread the Buzz to your friends/colleagues who are interested in investing or have been scared to invest or have no idea about what stocks are!! The more folks we have in our community, the more the fun and the more the motivation to continue the hard work on this service! Thanks!!