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NFLX surges over 70%!!

posted Jan 27, 2013, 10:28 PM by Mohit Kumar
NFLX  update
A big tactical and of course financial win for us! We backed up NFLX at a time, when investors and analysts thought it was a dead duck!  Yet again, intelligent and patient investing has turned out profitable for us. Its subscriptions and net profit rose sharply at its U.S. business, more than offsetting the losses in its international operations. While the Street had expected it to lose 12 cents a share, Netflix instead brought in profit of $8 million or 13 cents a share. Amazing! The company seems to be coming back on track as we hoped for, when we added NFLX to our basket. However, NFLX continues to operate in a challenging environment and needs to keep working harder!

AAPL update
Not so much excitement with AAPL though! Apple fell 12% in a single day as its 2013 fiscal first quarter earnings failed to impress investors. Surely, the earnings report did bring up some areas of concern, but I think the fact that AAPL actually beat the earnings estimates was clearly overlooked. Even the revenue number, was only marginally below the consensus estimates. Although, iPhone unit sales looked good, the Mac sales came up significantly below estimates. AAPL may no longer be an outright clear winner it once was, as it faces tough competition from Samsung, Google and others. However, sitting on a massive hoard of cash (which many analysts are not accounting for in their calculations!), an innovative culture and loyal customers, it is reasonable to expect AAPL to bounce back and not just sit and watch the competition take away its market share! We continue to like AAPL, and want to remain focused on long term, but yes we are watchful!

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