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New Features Update!

posted May 31, 2009, 7:48 PM by Mohit Kumar
First of all, Congratulations to all the members as our portfolio continues to perform exceedingly well! Nevertheless, let us not get too carried away and stay focused on strengthening our portfolio! Many of you have been contacting me to check if you should lock gains or continue to Hold. If you possess all or most of the stocks in our portfolio, I encourage you to exit from some (but not all) positions, relish the gains and reinvest in other recommendations. At the same time, I would also recommend you to continue to Hold some of our Big winners, as they still have plenty of room to grow! Refer the "Strategy" section as to when I will make a formal Sell recommendation at which point we all should exit!

Secondly, I would like to thank you all for your encouraging comments and feedback! I am glad that most of you are finding this service beneficial and are actively using it. I have received many valuable suggestions as well, which has helped me to continue to improve this service! I look forward to your continued involvement and support.

I have introduced some new features to the site in an attempt to make this service more beneficial and user-friendly:
  • From now on, our evolving community is called "Stock Buzz Now" (meaning Buzz/Invest in Stocks Now rather than late!)
  • We have a new, simpler and easier to remember site URL:
  • Please use the above URL from now on for your own use as well as for referring this site to your friends who may be interested to join us
  • Each ticker on the "Recommendations" page is now linked to a page dedicated to itself. The Link contains the following:
    • Logistics like Recommendation Dates, prices, profits etc
    • A "Risk Level" to help you gauge the risk involved before you choose to invest in it
    • A section called "Buy/Sell Rationale" which will explain why I think we should Buy or Sell that stock (from real-time emails)
    • You will be able to see Live Quotes for that ticker.
    • You will have an option to get RSS Feeds for that ticker.
I hope these features will add more value to this service.

Stay tuned as our next addition to the portfolio will be coming soon!!