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Fear Not!

posted Jan 31, 2010, 9:41 PM by Mohit Kumar   [ updated Jan 31, 2010, 9:44 PM ]
With the market's recent nosedive, we have a couple of red blots in our portfolio as well. But have we ever cared? Let me bring out a statistic which shows our true strength. Just a few weeks backs, when the market was soaring high, our portfolio returns vs S&P was around 125%. Great! But guess what, after the recent decline, our average returns vs S&P as I write is around 139%!! This shows that our portfolio is doing even better in bad times!!

With some of our heavyweights like AAPL and POT  being severely punished last week, the market is clearly showing signs of fear and pessimism. Even AAPL's blowout quarter and launch of iPad could not prevent it from getting the hit! These are exciting times for us as many bargain opportunities may get created if the decline continues. As always, we will continue to invest in quality stocks for long term and not worry about the short term glitches! Stay tuned and keep buzzing!