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posted Mar 24, 2010, 1:51 AM by Mohit Kumar   [ updated Jun 19, 2011, 1:33 AM ]
Q) Do I have to enroll again on the website if I had done that before?
A) NO, existing members do not need to enroll again. Simply, make your donation and if you want you can reply to my email to let me know explicitly

Q) I made the donation but did not receive any confirmation?
A) You will be able to access the portfolio within 24 hours, if you did not have access before. That will be your confirmation. If you already have access, it will continue.

Q) Why is the donation rate so low?
A) Simply because as before, the idea is to share my true passion of investing with others and not make money. The intent is to  
make the service beneficial and of value to anyone ranging from newbies who just want to get familiar with investing and may  not  invest anytime soon to aggressive investors. The intent is only to try to cover the costs incurred.

Q) How do I donate if I do not have a PayPal account?
A) The donation link allows you to make the payment even if you do not have a PayPal account.

Q) I love following your recommendations! However, I have not started investing yet. What should I do?
A)  Even if you don't invest yet, or know nothing about  investing, or trade sparingly or may not purchase a single stock in the quarter, you will still gain a lot, for just a Subway sandwich!

Q) No one can doubt the superior performance of your portfolio! However, can you give some more information on how your
    individual picks are doing against the market?
A) Sure! This is exactly why I have been working on a new UI with "head-to-head" comparison with S&P for each pick. Stay     tuned!

Q) Do I have to buy all your recommendations?
A) NO, not at all! I will keep balancing the portfolio with stocks of varying risks, from various sectors and varying valuations. You can start anytime, buy selected stocks that interest you and meet your risk appetite. As always, only fundamentally solid companies will make way into our portfolio which we believe are likely to do well. Even if you buy nothing and just watch, you will have the vital benefit of learning.

Q) Can you please give some Options guidance as well?
A) I might make some Option trade suggestions on our Discussion/Updates forum. Stay tuned!