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Earnings Update!

posted Oct 24, 2010, 5:58 PM by Mohit Kumar
With the earnings season in full swing, lets take a glance at 2 of our heavy weights which continue to smash the market!

  • Sales rose 39% to $7.7 billion
  • Earnings up 16% to $232 million
  • Continues to heavily invest in its business and we like this move!
  • Well positioned to exploit the huge growth opportunity in the global e-commerce market, and we back it!
  • EPS       -->   $4.64
    Rev        -->   $20.34 billion
    iPads:    -->   $4.19 million
    iPhones  -->   $14.1 million
    iPods     -->   $9.05 million
    Macs:    -->   $3.89 million
  • Stock drops 3% but that is insignificant, looking at the sharp rise it has seen in recent weeks
  • Steve Jobs makes an appearance in the earnings call (that's unusual..)
  • AAPL is finally planning to move to Verizon and that is a welcome change
  • We continue to love this stock even over $300!
Next few weeks, we will be watching many of our favorites report their earnings! Stay tuned as our next addition to our market crushing portfolio is coming soon!

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