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posted Oct 31, 2009, 3:03 PM by Mohit Kumar   [ updated Apr 13, 2010, 2:06 AM ]

As I had been cautioning, the market has been in a vulnerable position and continues to sway with no clear direction. Most of our picks blasted analysts expectations this quarter which is great news. However, with fear of economic instability still looming, we can expect to see a trend reversal in coming weeks/months. So do not sweat if gains of over 30% get shrunk to losses! If you cannot withstand this turbulence, you may consider booking some profits here. We have a very healthy portfolio and we will hold our nerves even if another collapse is to happen ( I am not trying to predict it will happen, but we are just ready!) Today, I am adding a stock, which is high-risk, high-volatile but could crush the market in next few years:
  • Headquarters in Livermore, California
  • Designs, develops, manufactures, sells and supports precision semiconductor wafer probe cards.
  • Its patented technology, MicroSpring is a revolution, allowing multiple chips to be tested early on in the cycle.
  • Over 500 million cash and a debt of $0!
  • Semi-conductor industry is cyclical, so it will have rough times like today.
  • Risk also persists in the fact that all its revenue comes from wafer test probes only.
  • Demand for chips will pick up sooner or later and so will this stock, with its leading edge technology.
  • Let us place our bets in these down times early on and reap rewards in years to come!

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