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posted Jul 14, 2009, 10:43 AM by Mohit Kumar   [ updated Jul 14, 2009, 10:47 AM ]

The market has seen a slide over last few days only to recover a bit yesterday. With a string of earnings to follow over next few weeks, we could expect the market to be volatile. Our portfolio continues to impress and is looking very strong so far.

With the fear of the economy being in stress for longer than expected still around, we should be prepared to expect some irrational sell off. Time and again, I will remind each one of us to be strong in these tough times and do not panic if the market falls. If the market has to fall more, it will be a great opportunity to not only add new stocks, but could create great opportunities to buy from amongst our previous recommendations which have trounced the market!

Alright, so its time to add a new stock to our portfolio. Today, we will be adding some stability to our portfolio. This quality stock can wither the longest of recession and is less volatile which will stabilize our portfolio if the market has to plummet. Patience will be needed here!

* Headquarters in Issaquah, WA
* Operates membership warehouses-based offering its members products in a range of merchandise categories.
* Sells at deep discounts, which lowers its profit per sale
* However, it generates huge sales and also makes money from the membership fees!
* Has a record of steady growth over years.
* Retail environment is gloomy these days but will revive!
* This is a solid stock and we are happy to make it a part of our portfolio.

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