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posted Mar 29, 2010, 1:52 AM by Mohit Kumar
  • Newbies  (No little or nothing about investing but want to learn and get started)
    • Just watch the recommendations for a few months, quarters or more till you get comfortable with investing
    • Visit the recommendations page regularly and monitor price fluctuations of various picks
    • Don't rush to invest
    • Learning and enjoying investing will be your first step and most important one!
    • I will guide you for your first trade even beyond the recommended stocks
    • I will give you customized tips and guidance
  • Beginners/Intermediate  (1-3 buys per quarter)
    • Invest in recommendations which suit your "Risk" Appetite
    • Visit recommendations page regularly and observe all picks
    • Seek guidance where needed
    • Be patient and enjoy!
  • Regulars  (3-6 or more buys per quarter)
    • Buzz alongside me whenever possible
    • Balance the portfolio for risk and diversification
    • Relax, enjoy and build the right approach to investing
  • All 
    • Focus on Long Term horizon
    • Do not over invest in a single stock
    • Diversify and build a strong portfolio
    • Avoid Fear of Losses and Greed of Profits
    • Sell some positions periodically to lock gains
    • Be patient and you will be better rewarded!