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posted Nov 22, 2009, 7:48 PM by Mohit Kumar   [ updated Nov 22, 2009, 7:49 PM ]
AOB looks in a spot of bother right now! The recent earnings were not impressive at all. The gross margins were down and the revenue went up by just about 11%. Well, we would normally accept occasional glitches specially for small caps, but this time there are more reasons for it. I had sent out an update a few months back, about allegations at the AOB management which had then impacted the stock. We hoped the management will respond but they chose to keep quiet. That was followed by concerns over payments that were made to a board member and now these flat results. Clearly, the management has lost focus and do not seem to be working towards the interest of its shareholders. We are down 20% on AOB (we were up 30% just a few months back) and this time the investors are justified in dumping the stock!

However, I still believe its not all over yet! AOB is still well positioned to regain its lost glory, if the management wakes up! We will keep a close eye on signs for improvement and take appropriate action. For now, you are encouraged to "not buy" more AOB. If you already own it, just continue to "Hold" it!