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AAPL Update

posted Jul 22, 2009, 9:10 PM by Mohit Kumar   [ updated Jul 22, 2009, 9:11 PM ]

Portfolio Update

10 out of 11
stocks in our portfolio are in the green territory. The only one in red NOV, which was down over 15% sometime back has recovered quite a bit and is on the verge of joining others. Portfolio continues to look solid.

AAPL Update

2 times recommended star performer AAPL, continues to amaze the world and drive our portfolio forward. After blowing past all expectations driven by strong growth in sales of its new iPhone amongst other factors, we are more than happy to continue to have AAPL in our portfolio (returns of 80% and 70% as of now). It shows to us how holding quality stocks like AAPL and being patient can be extremely rewarding. Inspite of the good run the stock may have had, the growth prospects of AAPL continue to look promising. It is one of the core stocks of our portfolio which we will continue to hold even if we see some pull backs (at which time we could only consider adding more AAPLs)

It is great to continue to receive comments, questions and suggestions from so many of you and I hope to see your continued involvement!