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AAPL kisses the $700 mark!

posted Sep 18, 2012, 11:40 PM by Mohit Kumar
When you buy a stock at $80 and it surges its way past $700, you deserve to congratulate yourself for a master stroke! One may wonder, wasn't it obvious that AAPL was a steal in 80's? Really? How many actually had the courage and vision to invest in AAPL in a crashing market? This is what separates us from the rest!

The iPhone 5, which features a bigger screen, faster chip and a lighter body, sold 2 million units in first-day orders, more than double a record set by the previous model. iPhone has now become Apple’s top-selling product, accounting for about two-thirds of profit. Although, iPhone 5, in my opinion has only caught up to the competition, the improvements are enough to make the loyal fans excited, at least for now! But we expect more innovation from AAPL, if it has to retain its dominance over the next decade!

For now, we remain bullish on AAPL, and proudly hold onto all  5 positions we opened in AAPL.

The next quarter enrollment opens shortly for a limited time, so stay tuned!

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